I am really looking forward to meeting y’all! For the past 2 years, we have chatted, messaged, and talked with all of you. Now, after the pandemic and everything we have worked on with HOPDG- we get to meet, talk, laugh!

I hope you can make it!


With the inclusion of so much technology with sports anymore, I am disappointed with the new catcher signal transmitter for pitchers. Sign stealing is a bad thing, but it was a thing everyone knew about, and had been around for decades, and each team took precautions for that.

It just seems the game is becoming so…robotic.


It’s time for the oscars to realize something very important–only people over the age of 40 watch the show!

So—show the honorary award ceremony dammit! I wanna see people I watched FOR DECADES get the award! I understand the “industry” concept, and that’s nice, but WTH!

Also, —go on the road! I understand LA is Hollywood, but consider a road Oscar show.


Oe of the things I am enjoying about this commissioner job is learning!
I though I knew about some of these nominees—I was sadly mistaken!


  I read often on social media pages people complaining about the HOF’s. It discourages me that these people do not know about HOPDG, about what we are trying to build. It motivates me to reach out to everyone who is dissatisfied and let them know they have a voice, an opportunity to vote and at least participate in a selection process of those whom they feel worthy of induction. This may seem a bit overzealous for something as simple as HOPDG, but it’s not.

HOF Inducted


So today is MLB HOF induction naming day… I have gotten to the point I don’t care. I mean, sure, I am the commissioner for HOPDG, and my focus should be here, but of all the HOF, the MLB is the least functional. Hell, they could pull the “we don’t induct” anyone ” BS again!

Then comes the steroid arguments……

Then comes the Pete Rose argument…..

Then comes the Harold Baines complaining…….

It’s the friggin Hall of DRAMA! (And I don;t need Drama!)


from otter jenniger carter:

So, zombie movies and zombie music! I probably watch way to many zombie movies to be healthy and not just American one’s either. I love Korean zombie movies. Something about them just scares you. I highly recommend them. Zombie music? Got you covered, my first favorite is Stephanie Mabey- The zombie song. Technically a love song,I play it for my husband when he annoys me so he knows that if I ever get bit we’re going together 😁. Rob Zombie- Living dead girl. Not sure if it qualifies but I think it does and It’s a great song. Definitely not for kids. Last but not least Jonathan Coulton- Re:your brains. It’s funny and you just want to sing it. Plus if you work in an office you’ll never look at your co- workers the same way again. That’s all I have for now. Maybe next time Christmas music? I don’t know,let me know.


Ok, so we started HOPDG as we were miffed at the HOF, and for the most part, it has developed pretty darn good (pun intended.) However, I recently read where someone wrote “the HOF is meant to identify the people whom you could not tell the story of the sport/music/etc. WITHOUT including them. I thought about this, and reviewed our nominees and inductees. Do all off these people deserve HOF enshrinement- not even close! Do they deserve enshrinement with HOPDG—absolutely! SO the question I pose is this: if HOF= story of the genre, then what does HOPDG equal?

Grateful for Voters

I’ve spent the evening entering votes from otters and I have to tell you something—I Iove it! I like seeing the otters take action for their nominees and make this as compelling as it can be! It isn’t always votes for the leaders either; sometimes someone comes out of nowhere and becomes a presence in the election! Then I get the thrill of reporting this to the otters, some of which really do watch what happens with the votes!

Please keep it coming!!!!!