HOPDG rules

  1. HOPDG nominees cannot be in a Hall of Fame, with an Oscar, or recipients of the AFI lifetime achievement award.
  2. If an inductee is elected to a one of the qualifying entities above, they are removed from the inductee list and put into the “enshrined” category.
  3. An inductee cannot be removed from Induction.
  4. Fans vote the nominees into the HOPDG.
  5. There will be an induction every 60 days. One inductees will be chosen per session. Furthermore, the bottom vote earner in a category are available for replacement. (One-year eligibility before replacement.)
  6. Candidates will be screened via social media for nomination. Candidates may be suggested by the Otters and can repeat as a candidate if not selected for nomination in a given session.
  7. The commissioner reserves the right to induct any nominee who may pass away during their nomination period. (The Cliff Robinson Rule.)
  8. Every time the Facebook page rolls over another 1,000 fans, the highest vote earner of the 240 nominees automatically is inducted into HOPDG.
  9. Every “Otter” is given 3 votes per category. Additional votes may be obtained through a number of ways.
  10. Any nominee that is within 5 votes for first place are Inducted. (The “bad wifi rule”)
  11. The commissioner is allowed to choose special nominees without prior notification to the fan base in the categories of sports, film/tv, and music. This will be called the Commissioner Award.
  12. Nominees are allowed a “fan rep” to argue their case for induction and help with their induction process.
  13. Any fan rep who has their nominee inducted is also inducted in HOPDG. Furthermore, each successful fan rep may nominate a song in the Song Category.
  14. Any fan rep that has successfully represented three nominees for induction are given three nominations for them to nominate a nominee in the Hodgepodge category. Anyone may be nominated as long as they are eligible under the nominee rules above.