Baseball Inductees

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Dick Allen (Inducted Posthumousley)

Don Baylor Inducted Spring Session 2023

Albert “Joey” Belle: Inducted Spring Session 2023

Bert Campaneris (Inducted Summer Session 2023)

Will Clark (Michael Brady) Inducted First Session 2021

Dave Concepcion (Induct Session 6, 2021) Joe Bennett Rep

David Cone: Inducted Spring Session 2023

Cecil Cooper (Inducted 2021) Mike Court Representative

Dwight Evans (Inducted Session 4 2021)

Frank Howard (Inducted Session 6 2021)

Bill Freehan (Inducted Posthumously)

Steve Garvey: Inducted Second Session 2020

Juan Gonzalez- 2021- Otter Vote-Dallas Sollie

Mark Grace (4K) Kevin O’Brien rep

Bob Grich (4k) Jay Pea Representative

Keith Hernandez- Winter Session 2022

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson: Inducted Second Session 2020

Tommy John: Inducted Session 5 2021

John Kruk: Inducted Session 5 2021

Ken Lofton: Inducted Session 5 2021

Fred Lynn: Inducted Spring Session 2023

Bill Madlock: Governor’s Award Spring Sesson 2023

Roger Maris: Inducted Winter Session 2023

Fred McGriff: Inducted Second Session 2020

Thurman Munson (March 2022-Rick Underwood Rep)

Dale Murphy Inducted First Session 2020

Al Oliver Inducted Second Session 2020

Tony Olivia: Inducted Session 5 2021

Dave Parker (Joe Leo) Inducted First Session 2021

Vada Pinson (Joe Bennett): Inducted Fall Session 2022

Boog Powell (Brett Buckler/Dave Porter) Inducted Second Session 2021

Pete Rose (John Carbo) Inducted First Session 2020

Darryl Strawberry:Inducted First Session 2020

DON MATTINGLY (Kevin O’Brien) Inducted 3K

Luis Tiant (Mike Paul): Inducted First Session 2021

Fernando Valenzula- Summer 2022

Lou Whitaker: Session 2 2022

Maury Wills (Inducted Posthumously)

MLB Inductees in other categories

Morganna the Kissing Bandit

Ed Reulbach