from otter jenniger carter:

So, zombie movies and zombie music! I probably watch way to many zombie movies to be healthy and not just American one’s either. I love Korean zombie movies. Something about them just scares you. I highly recommend them. Zombie music? Got you covered, my first favorite is Stephanie Mabey- The zombie song. Technically a love song,I play it for my husband when he annoys me so he knows that if I ever get bit we’re going together 😁. Rob Zombie- Living dead girl. Not sure if it qualifies but I think it does and It’s a great song. Definitely not for kids. Last but not least Jonathan Coulton- Re:your brains. It’s funny and you just want to sing it. Plus if you work in an office you’ll never look at your co- workers the same way again. That’s all I have for now. Maybe next time Christmas music? I don’t know,let me know.

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