About Us

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The Hall of Pretty Darn Good was born due to COVID 19….

While in quarantine, unable to leave the house, we decided to create a virtual hall for those who were slighted, forgotten, or unable to join their respective hall due to banishment, politics, etc.

Van Johnson on a TCM documentary called someone a “darn fine actress.” We had thought about calling our site the Hall of Great, but what Mr. Johnson said felt more genuine. (People are often called great and it felt superficial; if they say “darn good”, it feels sincere.) Thus, we created the name The Hall of Pretty Darn Good (HOPDG).

We purposely nominated people whose eligibility with their HOF has concluded, and tried to include as many teams as possible.

OTTERS are the name of the fan base because they are always saying “This person OUGHTA be in he hall of fame!” Hence, they are otters.

In NCAA Basketball, there is the NIT tournament.

In the Olympics, there is the Silver Medal.

With Halls honoring people in sports, film, and music, there is now…THE HALL OF PRETTY DARN GOOD!