Com Awards

The Commission Award is given every session to someone the Commissioner feels is deserving in the areas of film/tv, music, and sports. Often, the people who receive the Commissioner Award were never nominees in consideration.

2020 Awards

Film/ TV: Tim Mattheson

The original otter! Animal House, Fletch, and TONS of other films–he is what the HOPDG is about-excellence under-appreciated.

Sports: The San Diego Chicken/Ted Giannoulas

The 1982, 1983, and 1984 Donruss sports cards sets included a card for The Chicken, with an offer on the back allowing purchasers to send the card to The Chicken himself to autograph it. Some Players only have one or two cars, but this mascot, arguable the most famous of all time, had THREE!

Music: Spinal Tap

The started the Mockumentary film genre, performed there own music, toured, then reunited for a new CD and TOUR! Say the line “Mine goes to Eleven to ANYONE IN MUSIC, and they know the film!