Fan Reps

Fan reps are the cheerleaders for the nominees who go and help get their nominee enough votes to be inducted. This is about PASSION!

Kaitlyn Barnes is the first fan rep to have a nominee inducted (The Monkees.) EVERY DAY she had a video, a clip, a note, something online to get people to vote for the Monkees! She is a DYNAMO of a person, and a helluva singing voice!

John Carbo represented both Foreigner and Pete Rose. Many would think these two would be easy to represent; they would be naïve as it took a great deal from John to establish a new record- two nominees from two separate categories inducted at the same time !

Garett Gutowski was Ben Wallace’s Fan Rep. A die hard Detroit sports fan, he is also the fan rep for THREE other Detroit-based nominees!

Kevin O’Brien was the fan rep for Bo Jackson and Don Mattingly. He is THE only person thus far to rep 2 different nominees in two different session AND GET NOTH INDUCTED!

David Porter was Warren Zevon’s Fan Rep. He took a nominee who wasn’t even in the top half of the filed and won with the 3K race!

Cary Calwell. I won’t be shy about this: I thought Badfinger would be one of the three replacement nominees at the end of the first induction election. Cary came along and not only proved me wrong, but her nominee had the highest vote total of any nominee inducted in the October 2020 induction period. ‘Nuff said: drop the mic.

Kris Tims was Roger Craig’s fan rep. Here’s the best way to describe Kris: I told him Roger would get votes if he wrote a blurb for me to publish on the HOPDG page. He got 3 paragraphs back to me, no typos, in 5 minutes!!!!

Mike Court is in Wisconsin and was the fan rep for Kurt Russel. He is actively being the fan rep for TWO Milwaukee Buck nominees!

June West was the representative for the Marshall Tucker Band. Talk about Diligent! Of all the fan rep’s , June had the most communication with me, the commissioner, averaging a question or idea every day! She went so far out to get voters for MTB I think she may have even contacted people in Asia! She is a-maz-ing!

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