So I am waiting in “virtual line” for Coldplay tickets for my kid, and it makes me think of the days when you had to stand IN A LINE to get tickets…and it was typically outside in the cold! And when you got to your turn, you got ACTUAL TICKETS (To which I still have the stubbs to this day!)

I feel for the kids who do not get to experience the bonding of people in line as we talked about the artists we are freezing to see. They don’t get to meet their fellow music fans, except maybe in social media, but that aint the same, yknow. You aint sipping coffee/cocoa to stay warm online, you aint taking time to save the others persons spot so they can go to the bathroom…no true bonding. And then there was the re-meeting of them at the concert because they bought the tickets next to you!

Yah, technology is nice, but sometime you sacrifice things sometimes too.

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