As commissioner, I know who is in the HOF and who has been knocking in the door to get in for some time. IT’S PRETY DARN EASY (PUN!) to compose a list of the top people who should be in a HOF in our different categories. However, as we enter our second year, we have taken the cream of the crop and inducted them. Sure, there might be a few stragglers in each category who are easy pickings, but that list will dwindle.

  So who do we nominate? Otters suggest people throughout the sessions, and that is helpful, but we are going to try a new technique: eliminate the obvious. For example, there are some people who are simply not even good enough for HOPDG, much less HOF. However, by naming them, it shows everyone that we are indeed open minded to different suggestions. It also allows me to confirm that my initial opinion about a given candidate possibility was indeed correct. (Oh, I’ve been wrong about this a few times!)

  Thus, you will see some names that might make you go “He’s got to be kidding!” I’m not, just being thorough.

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