Maybe next time

The following nominees did not have enough fan support to stay on the ballot. This does not mean they cannot return to the ballot, but it will take a considerable amount of fan support/suggestions for them to do so.

When we induct nominees, we also say goodbye to the nominees at the bottom of the list to give new candidates a chance to be elected. These fine nominees just didn’t get the fan support needed to get elected into the Hall of Pretty Darn Good.


Dave Kingman

Jerry Koosman

Tony Mullane

Terry Pendleton

Dan Quissenberry

Bret Saberhagen

Mike Scott

Rick Sutcliff


Rolando Blackman

Dale Ellis

Andrei Kirilenko

Alvin Robertson

Reggie Theus

Otis Thorpe


Joan Allen

Alec Baldwin

Annette Benning

Charles Boyer

Richard Burton

Montgomery Clift

Tom Cruise

Sarosise Ronin


Eric Metcalf

Chris McCallister

Jay Hilgenberg

Kris Jenkins

Mike Kenn

Dick Schafrath

Richard Seymour


Bernie Nicholls

Ulif Nilsson

Anders Hedberg


Ben E King


Peter Frampton

J. Geils Band

Jan and Dean

John Mayall

The Turtles


Space Unicorn